Serhii Sparda, Fenix Fatalist, MCubed - FXC 2019 - Louis Skye
Serhii Sparda, Fenix Fatalist, MCubed at Fan Expo Canada 2019. Photos by Louis Skye.

Professional cosplayers have unusual but memorable names. How do they invent these names?

Walking past the cosplay tables at a comic convention, you can’t help but be struck by the stunning costumes worn by the cosplayers.

And more often than not, you will find yourself going up to the cosplayer to speak to them about the character they’re playing. That is when you notice their names—some familiar, some very much not.

At Fan Expo Canada 2019, I caught up with professional cosplayers Dee Rich, Fenix Fatalist, Ivy Doomkitty, MCubed, Nadyasonika, Onyxeia, Serhii Sparda, and King Tide to talk about the inspiration behind their cosplay names.

Here’s what they had to say.

Dee Rich

“Dee is my first name. And then I just kind of went with it. I was actually The Lady Scarlet and people would yell at me and I wouldn’t know why, so I wouldn’t turn around. I wanted it to be easier for me to realize that people were speaking to me. So, I went with my real name.”

Fenix Fatalist

“I used to have my own blog and I got the nickname Fenix Fatalist. Then when I started to pick up cosplay, I wasn’t sure which name I could use. So, I started to use the same one that I used in my blogs. So that’s how it happened.”

Ivy Doomkitty

“Ivy is my nickname. And Doomkitty is a mix of my obsession with cats and things like cloudy skies, thunder, lightning, impending doom. So, Doomkitty.”

“But all of that was my gamer tag from when the first Xbox came out. So yeah, old school gamer tag from way back when that became my persona as it were.”


“My initials are M.M.M. So, M to the third power ‘m’ cubed. So, that’s where that came from.”


“I started it back in the days. There was this page called DeviantArt. I needed a nickname. I was watching the TV and saw The Jetsons in Spanish, which is Los Supersónicos. Because I’m from Mexico. So, I said, ‘Yeah. Nadia. Sonika. Why not?’

“And then I started uploading my cosplay photos [on DeviantArt]. And that’s how I started getting known by that page. There was no such thing as Facebook or Instagram or anything. It was just this page. And that’s how I got my name.”


“Onyxeia is actually a character in World of Warcraft. It’s also because one of my favorite gemstones is onyx. So, I went with that.”

Serhii Sparda

“Serhii is actually my name. And the second part, Sparda is the nickname of one of my favorite characters in Devil May Cry. So, I just combined it.”

King Tide

“Well, mine’s from the Justice League. I wanted a name that fits the main character that I do, which is Aquaman. Something that kind of hints to that but not quite like Aquaman UK or something like that. So, King Tide was mentioned in the film. That’s what he comes in on.”

If you are an aspiring cosplayer, choosing a name isn’t going to be an easy task. From what I learned, professional cosplayers are inspired by a number of factors when choosing their names—characters they love, how they feel about certain aspects of life, and even their real names.

Keeping those points in mind, what would your cosplay name be?

A writer at heart with a fondness for well-told stories, Louis Skye is always looking for a way to escape the planet, whether through comic books, films, television, books or video games. She always has an eye out for the subversive and champions diversity in media.