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Stephen King’s new television series, Castle Rock, streams on Hulu July 25, 2018. We can’t wait.

Yes! Stephen King has decided to give Castle Rock its own series. As the kids say: Woohoo.

If you are a Stephen King lover, then you know that Castle Rock, Maine is the fictional town where a majority of King’s novels have taken place – ‘The Dark Half’, ‘Needful Things’, and ‘Cujo’ to name a few.

For this new Castle Rock series, King writes, produces, and directs. But he’s sharing the producer and director duties with J.J. Abrams of Lost, Star Wars, and Star Trek fame. Not a bad team up.

So, what can we expect from this powerhouse duo? A lot of good stuff, that’s what.

Let’s dive into it.

We’re finally learning the secrets of Castle Rock

The Master Storyteller is now bringing to life the town itself. This alone is a great reason to be excited. Castle Rock has been a prevalent presence in a majority of Kings novels, but it’s always been slightly backgrounded. Now it’s front and centre.

Stephen King fans are anxious to learn more about the town itself. What dark and dangerous secrets lurk in the very streets of Castle Rock, or what is oozing through the walls of unwary homes.

Why has King persistently chosen Castle Rock for his settings?

With this new series, we have the chance to find out.

Old and New Characters

Castle Rock is an anthology of Stephen King’s already published novels. That wouldn’t hold the attention of Stephen King fans very long, as we’ve already been there, done that.

J.J. Abram himself doesn’t have a history of writing novels, but he’s obviously wonderfully creative at storytelling and characterisation.

So he won’t just be rewriting stories that King has already written, and his additions will surely be fantastic.

However, there were references to King’s characters in the trailer, as King’s Easter Eggs.

So, excitingly, it looks like we will be seeing a mix of both. We will see cameos, or a reintroduction of existing characters that were already introduced through King’s novels. Yet, the main stories will be centred around newly created characters, with their own unique lives.

How can one not be excited about the prospect of learning more about our favourite Stephen King characters, as well as meeting new ones for the very first time?

Genuine Horror

castle rock tv
Bill Skarsgard is in Castle Rock. Source: Pinterest.

Stephen King loves to take normal every day people and throw them in to the middle of an impossible situation. Then he sits back, and watches how they fumble around trying to get themselves out of said impossible situation.

He doesn’t write horror stories, but psychological horror stories, where people show their true selves in times of stress. It’s scary, maybe because we see ourselves acting in a similar way in a similar situation.

Take the grocery store people in The Mist, where they listened to this self-proclaimed ‘voice of God’ and started sacrificing people to appease the monsters outside in the mist.

That was actually the message of the novel. The real monsters are locked inside the grocery store pretending to be human.

The Mist TV series focussed on the gore, and subsequently sucked. We explore the difference between the film and television adaptation in greater detail here.

The point is, these are the truest and best horror stories. As it is big ol’ Stephen at Castle Rock‘s helm, we can be sure we won’t be getting any watered down, gored up nonsense.

This is going to be genuinely scary.

Safe to say, we’re excited for Castle Rock. And you should be too. For more Stephen King goodness, check out this article discussing whether IT is the best Stephen King adaptation ever.

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