Is there a going to be an Underworld 6? It seems everyone’s a little confused.

You read it here. Kate Beckinsale will be back for the sixth instalment of Underworld, scheduled to be released sometime in 2019 – or so rumour has it. However, even the rumour mills are confused if there will be an Underworld 6.

Let’s face it, there are still a few unanswered questions that requires at least a sixth film to answer. What’s happening with Selene’s daughter Eve? Do mother and daughter reunite? Enquiring minds want to know.

Underworld: Blood Wars Failed To Produce

Blood Wars was the lowest grossing movie of the Underworld franchise, but that hasn’t stymied the possibility of an Underworld 6. Kate Beckinsale, when asked about that very possibility, responded by saying that it’s on case by case basis. What does that mean?

It means that they have to decide if the sales justify a sixth instalment, and it appears that the jury is still out on that. What a bummer. Oh, wait. There is a series.

An Underworld TV Series Is In The Works

Underworld was created by three men: Len Wiseman, who is best known for Live Free or Die and Total Recall; Kevin Grevioux, who portrays Raze in the Underworld series; and Danny McBride.

Diminishing box office sales may be the incentive to have an Underworld TV series in the works. Because it’s happening. Len Wiseman and his production company Sketch films are moving forward with the television adaptation. Wiseman has said the series is going to be a big departure from the movies and less comic book in its tone and character.

That can be good, if that deviation from the movies eventually connects back to the movies or references the movies. Hey, maybe the series can star Eve and pickup from where the movies left off, or would that be too obvious?

Underworld 6 or Underworld Series

I want both, being the greedy Underworld fan I am. You can never have enough Underworld, and I would love to see more of Eve.

Underworld has an established fan base and we will be comparing the movies against the series, so hopefully, Wiseman took that into account when creating the series.

What would you prefer?

We’ve listed eight possible storylines the Underworld TV series could follow. Click here for that. Go on, we know you want to.

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