(SOURCE: Doom 2 via Zero Master's YouTube Channel)

A gaming secret that’s been hidden away for nearly a quarter of a century is unearthed, and the solution was amazingly simple all along. Obscure, but simple.

What’s nearly 25 years old right now and has never been completely finished until recently?

The answer, of course, is (as you no doubt inferred from the article title) Doom 2.

If you need some history for the Doom series then why not check out the start of this article which explains the cultural significance of the game (among other things)?

But if not, then read on!


(SOURCE: Doom 2 via Zero Master’s YouTube Channel)

It’s Over Anakin He Has The High Score Now

Recently, a YouTuber named Zero Master made gaming history by uploading a video titled ‘Pain Elemental reveals the last official secret of Doom 2’ which shows him achieving a 100% secret rating for the map Industrial Zone from Doom 2.

We’ll let the Doom wiki explain why that matters:

“Due to a map bug, official secret 4 cannot normally be triggered without idclip cheating. It is, however, possible to obtain by luring a Pain Elemental to the secret, and using it to force the player downwards far enough to trigger the secret.”

Well, that’s the last time we let the Doom Wiki explain anything for us.

In plain English, that said: You can’t get 100% secret score for the map unless you use a cheat to walk through walls, which means that the game is literally impossible to get a legitimate 100% on.

Well, I mean, that’s what the first part said – they added the second part recently because Zero Master proved they were wrong.

That’s right: He simply got an enemy to push him into the secret area instead of using a cheat to walk through walls.

(SOURCE: Doom 2 via Zero Master’s YouTube Channel)

I know it sounds simple enough, but isn’t that kind of independent discovery great?

Someone found a way to do something considered impossible for a quarter of a century. Further, not only did they provide video proof of their deed, but they also shared it with everyone so that everyone else could do it too.

I don’t know about you, but this is one of the reasons I fell in love with gaming to begin with – because it’s such a unique social experience.

To Win The Game

Consider this: for nearly 25 years, id Sofware have kept silent on the issue. Not ONE person from id, not even ex-employees, ever folded and told us all that it was possible to complete the game with 100% secrets.

If you go to the YouTube page then you’ll see that the top comment for the video says: ‘John Romero just shared this video on Instagram and Twitter.’

The name behind Doom 2 shared the Zero Master YouTube video on social media with great pride:

Do you wonder if, deep down, Romero’s happy that someone did it, or sad that it took the world so long to figure out?

Or maybe even relieved, because he honestly thought he’d be dead before – if – anyone ever found the secret out?

(SOURCE: Doom 2 via Zero Master’s YouTube Channel)

Why This Matters

Realistically, this is just some generic fact about some hobby, much like your grandparents talking about some guy who solved a knitting problem that’s been around for 25 years.

But it matters because it shows us two things about modern gaming that truly deserve celebration:

1. The fact that modern games exist doesn’t mean that the older games magically stop being culturally relevant.

2. For better or worse, Game devs are part of the experience now.

(SOURCE: Doom 2 via Zero Master’s YouTube Channel)

I’ve done some whining about modern gaming here at Digital Fox (and quite a bit more on the internet in general), but in many ways it’s a fantastic time to be a gamer right now.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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