So, you’re interested in joining the Digital Fox team and becoming a FanFilmer?

Become a FanFilmer

Digital Fox’s video content is produced by FanFilmers.

At Digital Fox, all of our video content is produced by FanFilmers.

You’ll start off as a Rookie FanFilmer. So, what does this mean? Well, aren’t you a gem for asking. Our entire video team produces, directs, edits and more for Digital Fox because, well… they’re fans. This means they’re fans of the genres we focus on, and they revel in the (slightly unusual) Digital Fox set up. We have a passion for setting up those who want to train up for success, by providing experience, knowledge and mentorship.

To become a FanFilmer, firstly we will train you up and hone your skills, ensuring your video production prowess grows to a high enough standard for publication. Then you can apply, or we will select you to become a FanFilmer at Digital Fox, earning revenue from your videos based on the amount of views gained on Facebook. The process to get to FanFilmer can take a day, or months. It really depends on how well you follow the training files made available to you.

The next big step is to become a FoxFilmer. This happens once you’ve mastered the training files and produced a significant amount of content. This is the big one. Once you’re a FoxFilmer you will be paid for producing video content on a project by project basis. You can still continue to generate revenue through reach as well.

If you decide to be a FanFilmer, you will join a community of likeminded individuals, where you will learn how to produce content about the topics you love.

Start as a Rookie FanFilmer

You begin as a FanFilmer and join our community. This is where we train you up to produce content for Digital Fox. You’ll join our FB group, and be in the Digital Fox team.

Continue as a FanFilmer

Once you’re ready (1-2 months) you’ll become a FanFilmer, earning revenue in a fair share model earning money based on the reach of your video.

End as a FoxFilmer

Once you’ve mastered all of the skills in the provided training files, you’ll be able to become a FoxFilmer and be paid on a project by project basis.

Our editors

Each content piece will be read by our editors, and if it’s good enough will be published on Digital Fox for you to share. If it’s not quite there, we will provide feedback and work on it collectively.

The content piece will also be shared to our social channels, reaching hundreds of thousands of fans. If it is high performing, it will be featured on our homepage.

To Apply, just drop us an email.

To apply, you should be over 16 and able to work from home. You will be expected to produce at least one video content piece per week, so make sure this isn’t one commitment too many. Naturally, the more you produce, the more you can earn.

All you need is a PayPal account. (And a good attitude. But mostly the PayPal thing.) All of your stats, views and revenue will be tracked on the social platforms and will be reviewed by us.

Hopefully you’ve already got a talent for video production, or being creative. Oh, and you’ve got to fit into our team focussed culture, and be willing to work with our fun, motivated and dysfunctionally brilliant squad.